Guide in the brewery
Manufacturing process of Hida beer

Everyone can see a beer atelier over glass at our brewery.
A big tank lines up in the beer atelier, and a look shows a manufacturing process.

Malt is put in the hot water.Starch in the liquid changes to maische here.
Various ingredients are in the wheat.
To take out all ingredients of the respective taste,It's boiled for 30 minutes by 58 ℃ first and it next is boiled for 30 minutes by 60 ℃, and it's boiled for three hours so that it may become last in 76 ℃.
  2,Wheat soup filter tank
When maische is filtered, clear wheat soup is made.
It takes 4 hours for filtration to make the wheat soup which became clear.

  3,Boiling iron pot

A hop is added to wheat soup and it's boiled.
The fragrance and the bitterness peculiar to beer are born.
It's boiled for about 1 hour by 99 ℃-100 ℃ as I blow and not to spill.
The sugar content is controlled and the alcohol content is adjusted.
Luxurious wheat from different producing center is added to Hida beer and it's made the deep taste.

The protein solidified by heat is taken and clear wheat soup is made.   
  5, Cold water tank 
Heated wheat soup is cooled by perfect germ-free condition.
  6,Fermenting tank

Brewer's yeast is added to wheat soup and medium sugar is taken apart in alcohol and carbonic acid gas.
Young beer is made in 10 days. After that we make them mature for 2 weeks coldly.


  7, Pressure tank 

I do pressure coordination of matured beer.
Nitrogen is blended in Hida beer and it's made the mellow taste.
We stuff a beer keg at the end.



※ Although you can not enter the factory at the actual tour,
you can overlook the tank in the factory through the glass from within the store.


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